Monday, July 31, 2006

*Just a flicker of time*

Finally,EUnique and Susan moved out from condo hostel last week.Susan is currently homeless while Eunique still stick to his sweet Palmville Resort COndo...(Resort condo pulaks!)...whatever,I started to feel very lonely and boring staying in hostel.I hate to accommodate extra head in our unit,I hate it when there's more ppl eyeing on the toilet's vacancies,I hate to schedule my laundry time just to make sure that the washing machine and yard place is available,I hate extra noises(door slamming and cheering...),I hate extra dirts,I hate narrower fridge spaces!!!I hate that I still have to bear with these for another whopping 3 months...(it sounds a lot for me though!)

This 3 months are gonna be TOUGH,AS result release,A2 mock,A2 Final,preparation,sleepless night,suffocated amount of tasks,decision making(future concerning),application to Uni.,resit(perhaps,hope NOT!) name it la!

Sucks la,I hate A-levels,so freaking boring and tough!

I hate hostel management!I hate Sunway...! -__-

But I do lurve Megasale -_-

Well,IKEA is on sale as well!!!But I only managed to buy some odd stuffs which serve practically not much purposes like huggy pillow,sitting cushion pad,and some other little items which I don't really know how should I call them cos they were all named in Swedish(as usual-_-)...Oh yea,I'm so glad that one of the Jusco near my JB house is gonna convert to IKEA!Yay,finally 2nd branch in Msia...needless to travel all the way to MD or SG for IKEA anymore.

I went for 2nd round shopping spree last week with sis,Sue and Leong at One U (yea,again I noe!)...was like looping in the car park for almost 30 minutes!Old wing was fulled while new wing was almost fulled,damn!We shopped until the closing time though(walked like hell and rested for few rounds!) and I bought a waist fit coat from Topman to urge my diet pace and also a button shirt from there as well...sis bought a whole piece flowerish retro-blouse which cost 730 bucks in total O.o ... thank god I don't need to fork for a single cent(tee hee!)...anyway I dun really like Topman though cos of their cheapskate material as usual but no doubt they provide the best looking attire overall after compared to all other retail stores like FCUK(bluek,too flowerish and pinkish,mark down items = ugly piece of shit!),A/X(wah,rather ask them not to give discount la,so stingy!),GUESS(dun have relevant outfit!),Esprit(stingy as well as ugly and no suitable outfit!),ZARA is nice overall but when it comes to the thing I want,NORMAL PRICE it seems...I was so desperate as I really dun wanna buy Topman anymore since ages ago,I even swore to god!But too bad,G2000 is giving a not so impressive mark down,haiz,out of desperation!DAMN!I wanna go Great Singapore Sale...Oh yea, and 3.6 are giving nice bargain on several items which not too bad looking and worth of buying,I'm gonna rip that place off soon(maybe after I got my AS result or maybe NO T^T )

Anyway,I'm gonna buy more cos I think I haven't got enough of it yet since it has just started off not too long till September...long way to go!

A2 is damn fucking hectic,every topic being covered off when I just started absorbing it(my pick up rate rather slow I noe)...especially Law!!!One lesson is like finish off one topic,how exaggerate huh?!Mr RAj!!!Maths is not so well too as Differetial Eq. is still in mist and complex number needs to be summed up real soon as I'm having a class test on that topic alone this coming Wed.!!!Tmr I'm having Law test as well!!!!It's been procrastinating since last few weeks until now due to our laid back-ness,lol!Bah,whatever...

I feel like going for either Korean or French lesson but still couldn't find a reliable language centre besides the Alliance Francaise and Taylors Language School which either too far away or the scheduled timing not in my shoes,fuck!Whatever la,finish that vexatious A-levels first then decide...T^T...6 more days to the releasing of AS result(unofficial copy)...*gasps*...I need to meditate or go for Ayuverda soon to relief myself,but when I started to meditate I think I can see all the AS stuffs floating out....arghh,fucking tensed up!PRAY for me k?

I dun wish to see bad things happen on me since my requirement is already as low as the floor...or even lower it seems!I just hope for a not too bad but slightly better result!can?

And also 2 more weeks to A-levels ball,my diet is getting much more massive than before since Susan and Eunique no more here.I jogged until almost passed up just now but it was cool that I persipred hell alot!Fat burnt!!!So that I can be fitted into that coat ~.~ wonder how if my waist got smaller and I have to buy another formal trouser again since the current one might be too loose for me in no time!hahaha!And I'm going for medical check up this week perhaps cos I'm going back home to get the shoes that will match my formal attire(what do you call that kinda shoes cos I only known it as "batu oi" in Hokkien's lingo term)as well...and my father has diagnosed with high cholesterol,so in order to cut down the risk I just hope that my last minute rapid diet pace can be able to kill 2 birds in a stone as make my medical report healthier and me myself looks slimmer,chubby is shit!

Ah,I have to admit that time passed really fast perhaps it should be measured in LIGHTYEARS something like the Einstein rule right?E=MC^2 which one of the unknown respresents LIGHTYEARS...duh,anyway I'm not a physics student or engineering undergraduate whatsoever!

~AS with flying colours~

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Loosen up my wallet baby!

I managed to watch PCD's performance from my window today,it's facing directly to the stage like in 20 degree.Can see their tiny figures moving and grooving around...of cos not to mention the sexy and dirty dance steps of Buttons,Beep,Don't Cha,Sway...damn sexy lar...hearing their voices alone have already gave me enough of pleasure but still lack of eye-candies pleasure T^T...anyway,I'm so cheapskate mah!Watch for free...I wish I was down there with the crowd grooving along with the hipsbeat!

Anyhow,I went to One U today for my first round of retail therapy for the Jualan Mega Sale so far...spent like 200++ on odd stuffs and some really massive price slashed clothings like 3.6's(as usual) and U2...FCUK having 50% off as well!!!!But too bad Topman's is not giving any impressive discount :( parents coming this weekend and I'll be finger-crossing on a 2nd round of retail therapy!This time will go for more branded stuffs especially wanna shop for A-Levels Ball attire...suit!!!!!!Discount!!!!!!!!Sale!!!!!!!!!-$-$-$-$-$!!!!!!!!!

Who says guys don't like shopping?It's just that they don't like to shop with their GF...I mean would a guy be interested in girl's stuffs?But of cos,it's crucial that one has the obligation to accompany along GF...that's what makes a lovely couple ^^

Whatever,guys that shop or go for a retail therapy doesn't imply with the term of feminine...WE HAVE OUR OWN DESIRE AS WELL!

ANyway,I'm dying and exhausted currently with mountainous of tasks...

Shan't blog for the time being until I got my AS result which is like in 10 days of time.I'm dipping in a tension/stressful/doubtful/disappointed/helpless mood now at this interval...I really dunno how if I got below average's result.NO HOPE AND MOTIVATION for me to keep going on in that manner...argh fuck lah!Dono...dun think of it now...enjoy the remaining 10 days first then see how...! :/ Afterall....ok no afterall -_-

Result bad means work extremely harder until ass off or worst case scenario,the one and only way RESIT for 1/2 part of the paper 250 for each the most!With additional stresses it seems in that sense...what to do lah...few months left only!


DUh,then I'll be out from the category of a "pre-U" student stress over thinking of what to pursue if result sucks or TOO good!

*bang head to wall*

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Doom of the day

Mayday Mayday!

Stranded vessel found...carrying tonnes of assignments,tests,homeworks,suffocated teaching pace,pressures,tensions,AS result phobia...!@.@

12 more days to the release of AS result...but I don't even have those time to think of it cos I've been drowned with lotsa tasks yet to be finished.

I can't seem to handle multitasking well till now!

My will is weak,I'll get distracted easily,thus,can't help but procrastinate to infinity!

I wish I can have 240 hours in one day!So I can finish up all the unwanted tasks...and of cos revise my studies that I seem to MIA ages ago...yea...I'm literally lost!

Pussycat Dolls' coming tomoro right in front of my window :/

Too bad dun hav enuf moolah to spend on that cos I'm fingers-crossing over the current nationwide MEGA SALE's mania!!!PCD is ok only,the most just be cheapskate,watch from window...though is only a tiny bird view T^T...who cares?

*passed out*


Saturday, July 22, 2006

Guilty headless fly

I've been struggling for whether to go for Maths tuition or not past few days and finally reached out to the conclusion that I DON'T need one in fact...

It's all about the guiltiness crawling beneath.Why should I find a tutor given that my parents already paid a large sums of money for my education here in a private insttitution?I don't wanna increase their burden yet I don't wanna see them upset over my result too.I'm so in a contradiction state now.But I don't think tuition is a good way to fulfill my parents expectation on me.The best is still to work on my own no matter how.At least I'll know that I've already tried my best so far withe clear conscience rather than not putting in any effort but pointlessly seek for tuition.Whatever,you all should know what I mean...that kinda feeling that you seems to let your parents down but then your parents still selflessly supporting you in every way.It sucks.That kinda guiltiness doesn't seems remote at all,imagine what if the tuition doesn't do any good to improve me or work on me at the end!!!Means I've wasted their money on my college fees with an addition of another unwanted extra-tuition fees.I
ll be charged for double jeopardy in that sense.Or double guilty whatsoever...

Better work hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhharder "HEDGE AYE ARE DEE-er"

SO pardon me Kei and Istiaque for giving so much trouble for the past few days.Because this is the problem that arise from myself but not my parents decision to ask me to withdraw.Thus,I feel that I should really,genuinely,sincerely apologize to both of you on behalf of this matter and to that earlier cancellation of Redang trip as well.Sorry for being fickle minded all the while.Sorry for making a rash decision that bother you both.Hope you both can understand my problem.I'm deeply regret for that,in fact more than that,maybe remorseful.I think I should really work more harder in fact I still feel that there's room for me to improve with my own effort without any intervention of third party.SORRY once again!

~ Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Yours truly,

The guilty me :(

Friday, July 21, 2006

First in my life have a lecturer weep in front of the class due to the poor performance of some students(not me!!!) which show no interest and effort on studies!

Ms. Wong,our beloved Maths lecturer,sorry to let you down but I come with clear conscience that I finished all of the homeworks that you'd assigned to us all the while.I did what you do eventhough I can feel that you are pushing us a bit beyond our ability...but still I've tried my best,now and always will!

Sorry if you've been having a hard time teaching us the morons' class,but I swear that I dare not even let my heart loosen when it comes to Maths...

Bear with us for the next few months and you won't be seeing us anymore!

Sanctity of life(the mean-est shout out ver.)


Sometimes,I just feel like picking up a knife and stab right through my roommate on behalf of how he treated me all this while...I hate untidy,unhygiene,inconsiderate,irresponsible,immature people(hypocrite is still my greatest enemy of all).But I also strongly despise those that trying to exasperate me delibrately or unintentionally...they're all deserve to send down to the gallow immediately!Fuck off I dunno why this kinda people will exists to catch a breath of fresh air with us on earth.Wasted.Go die for all I care...* I assume this to be the volatile anger of me alter-ego* :p

I dunno what happens to my study mood recently,so laid back,especially for Law.I'm totally lost now where my purpose to Law classes are purely to meet the attendance requirement.I pay no attention furthermore.Lame.I mean the lecturer,keep pushing us to the extreme as if we are buch of study machine.Imagine 5 hours of extra classes weekly exclusive of the core classes.Tired to death.I hate your obnoxious reprimands on us for not paying attention.Afterall,the brain is not made of the toughest element on earth nor equivalent to any memory storage devices.The usage and efficiency are limited in biological sense.Arts stream lecturer should be given more scientific knowledge to balance out(or send to the lab for some neurology research on how well and extraordinary their brain can outdo normal people).He seems never get tired of teaching all day long.He seems to light up on the spirit of teaching but that doesn't directly apply to all of us eventhough how interesting the topics for Contract Law and Tort Law are but the main point is his teaching method just put us off in chill water.I had enough I tell you.I don't care even if you are the one who granted me the merit award in Law.Well,you shouldn't!As I did not asked for it in the first place and I fucking don't wish to get it as well to increase the hidden pressures in me.So if you wanna withdraw just tell me,I'll give you back that piece of shitty oh-so-divine paper that did nothing to change my life but gave me an additional chance to send something to the recycle bin in order to be "environmental friendly".Thanks?No thanks...I don't deserve it.

I rather study myself to prove you wrong.I can show you my self-sufficiency and will that lecturer like you is literally and figuratively useless.No motivation means no teaching.You did not give me hopes and so don't espect anything from me in return.I'm made of flesh and blood with enhancement of perceptions and various emotions.I'm not here to meet your requirement of finishing off what you expect to finish off initially on your personal schedule.If that's your only purpose,fuck off,and refund all the fees I paid.I need time and space.Not you!In fact you should give me what I want...mind you!

I used to be so highly anticipated about being a Francophone early this year.But look because all of your spirit dampening attempts.I'm force to leave what I actually want aside to fulfill your so called requirement.SO that you can secure your accountability towards the head of programme.At the same time,diminish our little piece of heaven by force feeing us like gooses and neglected the objective of teaching and learning.Hitlerism is what you imposing on all of us currently.Hey,don't you ever forget,we are living in democratic society.We are still the end-user.One vote from all of us,you are out then.

The only feeling that I left for Law is oblivion at this point of time.I'm lost on the track.Maths is better now at least the latest topic is understandable than Differential Equation and Integration 2.

Whatever,I'm just sitting here and watching the day goes by and see how it goes.It's a momentary unsubdued conflict and guiltiness that I'm force to endure.

In that sense I should work harder I think.*ponders*.Yeah.In fact,even harder than before.

Never give up!

Voulouir,c'est pouvouir~where there's a will there's a way~

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pirates of The Caribbean 2(rated 4 stars out of 5)

Due to some FFK-ings and all other factors,I finally got to watch my long nticipated Pirates of The Caribbean 2.Yay!Although it's a bit late but damn cinema was still crowded and cramped for this movie ONLY I think.Other contemporary movies are so-so only like Recycle(a total failure),Just My Luck(yucks Lindsay Lohan tht biatch!),Voice(another stupid Korean horror film which prob. gonna end up by giving us lotsa "????")...yada yada lah!



Damn hilarious and Jack Sparrow is so amusing...haha!

Too bad this 2nd series is still not the end and we shall see...

The story just end at middle of nowhere where the continue's part is yet to be shown NEXT TIME!

Be anticipate and patient la...-_-

Ate McD again today without having any exercising earlier,damn delivery man and Susan!!!GOnna jog 100000 rounds and swim 100000 laps tomoro after eating the effing McD for 2 consecutive days!!!And thx to Susan's greentea mask that seems so "organic" enough to make my face feels like cracking up into pieces...-_-...NOG CHA Facial anyone?Contact Kang Ju Jin at 012-6XX XXX5(door to door service available)

I got almost screwed up by Mr Raj for skipping the morning Law class due to oversleep...damn u who u think u r to scold me since ur lecturing is damn fucking boring,LAW!!!U think what Maths,CHemistry or Psychology?Pan Cat...

~abandon ship or abandon hope?~

Really feel so bad for having to have tuition on P3 Maths...damn pricey summore!Luckily me,Kei and Isti. are able to share as a group(still pricey!)...and the thing tht frustrated me is their stupid payment system that we are requires to pros and cons though!Pros is we can leave anytime we want without giving any prior noticing or hassling over the deposit bla bla's down payment problem...while the cons is I have to prepare sufficient money for each every lesson I go which can be very troublesome most the time la since need to make trips to ATM often,sienz!If only I can find one tutor in around Bdr. SUnway then I'll not have to take the trouble to go all the way to let ss15 to find a Taylor's Maths lecturer -_-...he/she betta make sure can teach if not I'll piss them off badly like what I'll almost wish to do to Mr. Raj of late...dao ba kam!*Oops*

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I do not wish to talk much about what happen today as I was very busy with my revision(yea,I started my revision...T^T ) in the library while then met Min Li and Serena,and so we just sit together.To my surprise,Dominic came as well for Min Li I think -_- ... as usual he "squeezeD" my "booBs" again,cibai!Ok,so I stayed in library for 2 hours only and went back cos I hav to go jogging with Susan...ANd so,we sicked of running outside so we thought of running up and down the stairs of 26 storeys! *fainted*.....but no doubt it was damn energy consuming like hell I swear...from the base floor to the optimum floor and vice versa,is equivalent of running around the field for 7-10 times...I gasped like shit seriously than jogging on flat land!And more privacy also -_-

Anyway,I went out with Susan and Eunique to Palmville cos Eunique finally found a roof over head(although the process of getting it was rather rocky and hard due to some FFK and unpleasant incidents which those of you should know better)!!!Well,he went there to pay deposit and discussed about the tenancy agreement and all sorts(anyway he still having hard time dealing off the private bathroom's prob. which I can't find any reason why can't they juz settle it easily!).Then after,something bad(or maybe NOT) happened......

Juz now b4 we went to Palmville Eunique sent a SMS to prank Dom. from Susan's hp saying "I love u" stuff like that...after that Dom. got pissed off and Susan started to throw tantrum on all of us blaming us for incriminate her into trouble...and she started to behave weirdly and finally while we were on the car halfway to petrol kiosk sumwhere at PJS 7(NPE),she asked Eunique to drop her off at the middle of the highway!!!OMG!!!SO to calm her down,we told her to wait until the petrol kiosk first and decide...then when we were there she just banged the door and left without a word.Of cos I have to follow after her cos that place was dark and imagine she gotta walk all the way to Pyramid!SO while following I kept on persuading her and attempted to cool her down but she just like gone mad and saying that was 'irritating" -.-'' anyway I dunno what she meant by that I just couldn't help but kept on following her until she went on a taxi and drove off back to hostel...I even knocked the taxi door after she went on -_-...Eunique was so frustrated and lost,so I asked him to fetch me in front of Ming Tian and we went back to hostel together and immediately went to Susan's room!

But later she went back to normal and crazily cheerful again...(fickle minded Korean -_- )...and so everything back to normal and Eunique called Dom. to explain and I SMS-ed DOm. to apologise.Thus,again we hang out in Eunique's room since his days in hostel are elapsing from now on and so as SUsan (left me here...damn stupid hostel management lah!).Played GTA,O2Jam and Crazy Taxi until 1 sumthing...out of exhaustion I came back to my room while SUsan is currently drifting into her own dreamland on Eunique's bed(see,they are fine now!)...partly becos I couldn't wake her up as she told me to do so earlier (-.-) like pig only lah!I followed her instrution to wake her up after 1 hours she returned me with Korean bad words which I fucking hell shitty know ah!Toae jji...!Damn tiring,tmr gotta to SS15 to find Maths tutor with Isti and Kei...Wednesday gonna watch movie!Then Saturday still not sure wanna go clubbing or not cos I dun really like Sharara -_- Y not we go RumJungle or Thai Club instead next week or watever???Broke and beat T^T

Ps: I ate Char Kuey Tiaw juz now...damn my diet for today T^T

Besides having Maths tutor(damn fucking expensive than taking up a French course flor like 4-5 times higher!!!),I'll have to look for French courses now and I found 2 ideal places:

1) YMCA,KL(yea,so surprise that they provide language courses)
2)Alliance Francais(the official and most famous French language centre located in Damansara and KL)

Actually the fees for the course are not really expensive provided that so many teaching hours and lessons will be given in a week which lasts for a 2-3 months of duration...or customizable to suit your timing and requirement as well!!!Esp. Alliance Francais really makes me shatter...and get me on a sudden urge of learning French!!!Bonjourrrrrr.........-__-

PPS: ANd ANdrew has finally broken up with Pei Sun...phew!Bravo!~phew~

I like full length mirror~

Betcha dunno wat I'm doing rite?Cos me either dunno what I'm doing,probably gonna kill some puppy soon? Hot"dog" anyone?
See!They are fine now as I got a proof here~*whistling sound*
Toae jji go gi anyone?Anyway she probably still remain at this frame at this moment!

PPPS:Dominic ah!Dun angry lar...kidding nia mah!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Vive la Vinodh!

Previously mistaken as 22nd b'day and by right it should be 21st(thx for ya treat or maybe NOT :p )...

Anyway,initially he invited most of the A1 classmates but it turned out that 21 ppl attended(since Vid. is 21 years old,so coincident rite?),haha,anyway the more the merrier is our intention afterall. Plus on est de fous, plus on rit!!!

So,we left hostel like 10 sumthing and headed to Bangsar.Gathered at McD and then went mamak for some drink at first(damn Bakerzin is juz in front of me at BV....*drooling*).Then,Isti told that it's already been quite late so we should go into the club and so we walked all the way there again.Like crazily walking,cheering,shouting,crapping all the way where DOminic directed the traffic in Bangsar for us,hahaha,so lame!So chit-chatted and mingled along outside Castle,and after for a while they told us inside had already usual for Bangsar's clubs cos they're juz too tiny and not that nice compare to those in KL downtown!

Thus,we switched to another not so nice club called Absolute where R & B musics were played(phew!) and inside was so cooling,haha,seldom see club that is so cooling.Too bad,the beat of the music is not blasting strong enough but no doubt we still enjoy very much with the enhancement of lotsa J.Daniel...until...unexpectedly we weren't in there for an hour long cos the bouncer told us the police might come soon to do spot check,and of cos a lot of us still illegally under we went left the sucky club and discussed again.Finally,we continued our heat and passion at Sharara(an upbeat and hot Bhangra club beside Beach Club ).

At first was quite repelled but then the beat is really too tempted and as u all know Bhangra beat is way more stronger than RnB,Techno,PowerTrance,HOuse and all!Later,we'd adapted ourselves and started to groove at the dance floor along with others...were so damn hot inside(by literally and not literally meaning)!!!Full of sexy chicks.Was perspiring but luckily the Black Label did a great job on triggering our adrenaline to next higher level...damn 'high' after few extra shots of JD and Black Label plus cigarettes(oOps,tht I only smoke once in a blue moon!).I drank like 10 cups(of cos some have to dilute with soft drink,I dun wanna be a filthy drunkard in front of public,embarrassing!).So we ended up with Terence and Danial in deadly drunk state especially Danial(but he recovered later)...Terence haha!Like a living vampire and spouting nonsense there still thought he hasn't drunk until now!Trying to act sober?!LMAO!

ANyway,we went back like almost 4 am and reached hostel around 5 sumthing...damn tiring and beat since I haven't recover from my flu yet!Head was spinning.I slept at 6am and woke up at 5pm today as a result of door banging by Susan and Eunique(damn~).No hangover though,I'm quite alcohol tolerable...:p

Eunique kena ffk again and he's now again desperately looking for a single soom,haha,no more palmville!HAHAHAhahah!FUnny...

We went to Subang Parade juz now to buy fruits and vege.(imagine!)...cos 3 of us are trying so hard to diet!But I'm more persistent than them cos tht Susan still can't seems to quit her big-eater habit and Eunique is at stake too!Only me is the one keep on insisting and try to keep away from oily,cheesie,choco,all sorts of fattening stuffs!But I ate ice cream today :( all thx to Susan who cajoled!Stupid fickle terrosist...!

Some snippets :

Devi's corner @ BANGSAR

Heavenly match?Look at Dom's michievous look...feel like bitchslap him!Ok,hellishly match here!The lens are too small to accommodate our size,must use wide lens I think :p

Steph. and Vinodh da Bday boy!

Vinodh and Me...3 and 2???Me was not looking at the lens dunno y :/

Look at this,shining bling bling belt head ala 50 cents

Isti is a tongue ghost(real long) and this pic shows that Eunique & Dom. are into some kinda special relationship ^^'''...and Susan's thunder arms!
Some pointless candid photo that Hazree was very angry when I'm about to take this
Me trying to revenge on how Dom. treated me all the while...bOObs squeezing~
It shows that he is a boobs squeezer monster tht Eunique is trying to revenge as well and Steph. couldn't care much but proceed to pose nicely lor...



Dunno y maybe bcos they're too chic and glamour.Thus,I was in big contrast with the super slanted hideous look T^T

He always kena me take this kinda photo while he attempted to take mine.Tht girl patting on a guy is Lina and her for tht Indian couple beside acting intimimately is some random cam hogger tht trying to steal limelight...
Yay,Jack Daniel!ANd look at Terence b4 he drunk...



Hazree in hallucination though he didn't touch a single drop of alcohol cos he is a devoted MUSLIM!!!lolx
Doreen and Steph.Wanna drunk or not?
Wolflike Terence in half drunk state...look at that scary and horny look.It's like he's gonna rape a girl in next second!
Doreen and Me.I didn't intend to make tht kinda quirky look it's bcos of the disco flash...
Yay!Most of us were there.Cheryl was lighting up the spirit once again and hey,Danial had totally K.O. this time.LMAO
Part of EUnique,gigantic Susan and elfish tongue monster 2 DOm got squeezed out from the lens due to SUsan's GRAND-SIZE...
VAMPire VAmpire!!!Scary Terence,he still fucking dunno tht he is/was drunk 'till now,dun admit!I got evidence it to ur father then u noe!LMAO!
Kei and Me.One of my bestest classmates frm Japan!

DuH!Tht Bday boy was so serious dunno for wat!
Thx for Susan's marvellous photo taking skill,again our faces were squeezed out of the lens due to her GRAND-SIZE!
After clubbing mamak at Jaafar,see,Susan is eating again since last few months until non stop only!

Best Bollywood star in town,Vinodh Varma Prathappan,it's ur day!

Lastly,group photo...some were not inside cos too cramped O.o


DamN tiring man,to be honest...


Oh yeah,Kei found a tutor for Maths. for Me,she and Isti in SS15...finally I can see light for my Pure Maths cos my Trigo. 2/D.E./Intergration by subt. are in total S2 has started to screw up too esp the latest chapter Sampling&Estimation.....wth is that???!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Selsema,sakit tekak dan sikit perasan

As what the title says,

I'm suffering from severe flu and sore throat which really don't feel nice especially during the day time classes.I was like literally "sleeping" in most of the lessons until my lecturer can't help but to call off the class earlier...haha of cos not for my sake but for others too.

And so,my eyes are swollen too until my lenses couldn't even fit into it anymore, :( , damn~!The peculiar thing is I'm already immune to any sickness eversince I came here despite some minor flus,headaches and coughs which will come like once in half a year due to insufficient of sleep(burning midnite oil for exams of cos *mum's watching* )

Possible reason is I didn't get sufficient sleep for past few days and according to Chinese medical point of view we called that "heatiness" and so I hav to force myself to drink more herbal tea I think(is that so?)

Worst thing is I still continue with my jogging and swimming today,and the flu got worsen after I swam for like about an hour...but nevertheless,fun!I can almost swim now I think...yea so what if I can't swim,r u thinking that I'm some kinda dumbo nerdo?Fuk off...

My head is damn effing heavy now...*can see stars*

OK,just pray hard I can pass my tort law's test tomorrow and then stay awake for all the classes from 9.30 am till 3.00pm T^T

Oh well,going to try out Celebrity Fitness tomorrow as well and then if fortunate enough might be able to book tics for Pirates of The Caribbean 2 in TGV 1U or Cineleisure...afterthat,I think will gotta go Bangsar or Clubbing again cos our Vinodh macha's b'day...*tiredness*

Hereby wishing you a very happy 22nd b'day and enjoy everything to the max.....studies can just throw aside for the time being :p

Anyway.toodle~oo.My nose,head,eyes,throat and mental are really gonna breakdown soon if this continues.


Disclaimer : my writing and thinking may sound bitchy and feminine at times but as what a famous-psychologist-which-I-forgot-his-name-said(I think is Sigmund Freud),there's a girl in every boy and vice-versa...which in that sense there aren't any 100% musculine guy exists and feminine+masculine thinking must co-exist at the same time to balance out a personality...perhaps my alter ego is more to a feminine side but nonetheless I'm a guy which will also do things that a normal guy will do just that I don't think there's need to magnify it as que sera sera,whatever will be will's hard to fake things out as I'm an anti-hypocrite person which especially despise a person to camourflage him/herself to present a fake-perfect part of him/her,that's so sad to live in denial.I like what I like and I dislike what I what if I say I didn't indulge in any single match of the then World Cup 2006.That doesn't doubt my musculinity afterall given that my appearance is sufficiently enough to tell all.Generalizing,discrimination and double-standard are what I hate the most among all the common social thinking.So what if I'm proved to be a socialdolager or social misfit?It doesn't even diminish my right to entitle to what any other so called "normal" persons can da.If all humans are the same,we are not human but lifeless creature or amoeba.No distinction and no personality is just like living in a empty shell.I don't wish to alter anyone's thinking here but just to proclaim and make myself clear here what I'm thinking afterall it's my OWN blog and I shall write whatever I feel like writing...I don't long for publicity and fame but all I need is just a little space to share my thoughts with my ownself.Track down what I've done throught out the year and how to rectify my downside,so on...

Diary is meant to be emotional...

And I'm so proud to say that I'm a hidden-emotionalism where I obviously won't present what my heart tells...I won't easily cry(stereotypically,a guy shouldn't cry that easy I know) and but at least I will get enlighten easily!Even if I'm not please with something,I won't present it on my face.

What I'll do is BLOG them here and forget about it,let it carries away all the unpleasant stuffs!

Can u get it?

Life's goes on and everyday is a new day.Even if I lost everything overnight,I still feel that I'm blissful and happy cos I know I still have my family and friends by me and my life is contented enough with their existence...what's the big deal then?

Lastly,I am what I am,take me or leave me alone before I get pissed off! *roar*

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Perfection tells all

Goddammit,look at them!Can u resist? *drools*

Ferrari 360 Spider(Mr Jean Todt should you give some benefits to all Malaysians out there since u've taken our national treasure Datuk Michelle Yeoh?)
Skyline GT-R Proto!
Honda S2000
RX-8...Tokyo Drift! Tada!The Neela'06 version of RX-8 found in Tokyo Drift!
OMG!My hope to ride on this to my dream destination where no one suppose to noe...Lamborghini Gallardo(this is better than the black version that I saw in Orchard Rd)

Haiz,when can I earn my 1st "1 million" since I haven't even started my varsity life yet...and course that I'll be taking still left unknown and clueless T^T

Gotta wait for another 10-20 years I guess when I've already grey and old to drive such cars!How sad huh?!


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Malaysia is full of brainless people!

Just now while I was outside of the Pyramid cinema,one guy(17-18 probably a student,let's just call him potatoface from now on.) approached me and yea,without a single doubt I know what they are up usual...randomly approaching DONATION.Really affect my mood when seeing them.The thing that drives me mad was...

Snippets of conversation :

Potatoface : Hi,mister,we are from bla bla bla...spastic home *proceed on
showing me some verification documents*
Me : So?How much u want *break into his unended craps of
introduction nonchalantly*
Potatoface : How many children u wish to help?For each children is RM 10...
Me : Hey,I think I donated it last week in Sg Wang if I'm not
mistaken...*bluffing,of cos have to,in order not to waste my
money on this kinda unidentifiable donation body*
Potatoface : *Shocked* Issit?But this activity has just started today and we
are here to help those brain damaged spastic children*The
same old craps la,either just started or last day is their cliche*
Me : * since I've heard b4 this charity body*Ok but I can only afford
for one children.
Potatoface : *kinda-ignoring-me and proceeding with his blabber* -_-


Potatoface : I'm sure u are not brain damage right?
Me : *behsong-ness and snigger* Yea,so what if I am one of them?Do
u think I should join ur donation crew as well to be part of ur
team like u? *replies mockingly*
Potatoface : *smiles paiseh-ly*Haha...ok so how much u wish to
Me : I told u RM 10 already rite?!FUCK YOU DEAF AH?
Potatoface : *again goes on with his noble statements on how great their
charity body are...*

Again until dunno which line of his conversation...*I didnt pay attention to him though cos I was checking on the movie showtime*

Potatoface : U r not brain damaged right,I'm sure? * can't u see it urself?u
blind issit?It's so obvious*
Me : * lagi behsong-ness* Excuse me?If I am one of them I wouldn't
have to stand in front of u and listen to ur bullcrapsshit
talking,alrite?I might just ask for ur help then when my brain
really damaged k?
Potatoface : Haha! -_- *brainless bugger,so wanna bitchslap him*
Me : Just throw one 10 bucks note to him and walkaway...*to stop this

One word CI BAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(fortunately I'm not in a bad mood when he constantly tries my patient...or else I'll present to him lotsa profanities on the spot SPONTANEOUSLY) *rolls eyes*

Ok,now I understand ur hardship as I used to be one of them in the St John's team going around in July of every year asking for donation with just a milo tin!Summore had to put on heavy uniform as well and go door step by door step asking for donation thick-facedly...I admit that I'm brainless and naive too those days as I just followed what the senior told me to do but did I ever asked anyone about their brains condition?R u brain damaged?Such indirect insulting words?Mahai,stupid ppl dunno how to talk...I pardon u for that and also due to ur infant age that still consider as immature!

If not as u proceed on talking to me I'll just shoo u off rudely as what I usually dogs and cats!Go learn some moral theory first let me tell u!Diu!

U better wish that my prayer of flying colour on coming AS result will be answered,if not I'll simply curse u to brain damage as well...or worse!Do u even have a brain?

Count yourself lucky this is the beginning of the month and I just drawn some cash from ATM,if coincidentally u met me at the end of the month while pocket kosong season,U"LL HAVE TO TASTE THE BLOOD!Try me and see...sei malao!

That's why I say,Malaysian ppl are damn sicko and brainless.Me is an exclusion though :p or am I ? Since I fell into their fraudulent trap as well...T^T
Nvm,in case anything happens,I can sue him for fraudand slander under tort.Bah!

Paid 10 bucks for this hoping to accumulate virtue for coming AS result and massive diet plan.BETTER GIVE ME A DISTINCTION RESULT I tell u!


scroll to right to see the whole pictures :

Vinodh and cibai DOminic!



Kang Ju Jin!...aka Susan...North Korean -_-

Mr. Raj and some cam hoggers

Mr. Soma's lecturing...

Steph. and Kei

Tiny but crazy July'05 A1 (without Samsul)

PS : I wanna point out few of them who ffk me today,at first Ms. Jessica Octaviani Kwee then Ms. Kang Ju Jin...both of you are now in hazardous status I tell u!Esp. Kang Ju Jin!

Yay,I'm going to Celebrity Fitness this Friday...anyone?It's free for a week!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Le gOth-pUnK spirit

Just finished my P3/S2 A2's Maths forecast test.Fucking hard especially the ever confusing Integration 2(by substitution!!!) and Trigonometry 2.They got tonnes of formulae to refer to which most of them have to store in your brain forcefully like memorizing multitudinous number of cases in Tort and Contract Law.Diu,memorizing Maths formulae is like trying to reconcile Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.Tough,difficult,impossible and yet STUPID.Maths is not meant for memorizing!Duh!I couldn't do like 2 main questions out of 7 questions from Pure Maths section(exclusive of those other tiny sub-questions) and 1 question out of 4 from Statistics section.WTF.I should consider myself to be fucking lucky this time as I'd predicted to flunk this forecast at its worst.Reason:Didn't study for any single shit on that eventhough given sufficient of preparation time.Yea,I was chatting with my ex-A Level's senior and other friends which come in random,to add on,I watched Guess x 3,Kang Xi Come and went lepak in Pyramid at dinner time until 11 sumthing.oOPSs 0.0 ! *guiltiness* But at least I know I can still do better as what Ms. Wong told me as she has been always telling me how inconsistent is my performance on Maths where my result can decline from A to C out of heaven knows' reason but then climb back to A/B for the next test.I shall tramsform it into a metaphorical way suchlike making it sounds like the undulation of sea wave where ocasionally/geographically/seismotically (issit?) surged into huge wave like Tsunami during the active platonic (issit suitabe for using this word here?...and it's not "platonic" in the sense of friendship) movement of earth's crust.So come back to my current situation is like when my mood for doing Maths is on,I'll strive as hard as possible,otherwise fuck off from my vision when I dun feel like looking at those freakish symbols and numbers.So,cut the craps,it's basically fluctuating and I hope the extreme point will be falling on my AS and A2 exams. ^^''' I'm getting very lazy lately I think due to too much of energy consumption during day time(jogging,sit ups,pumping,and other movements that can be able to BURN off excessive FAT).Thus,not much energy left for revision time at night.And so,sleepy,slacking,do-nothing and PROCRASTINATING are mainly few ideal words to describe what I am now despite keep on thinking how to BURN off FAT for the sake of coming A-LEVEL BALL!!! -_-

Anyhow,since I've already done with my Maths part(forecast).So it's time for the long-lost Law and Econs.Ever since the starting day of A2 semester(my last sem. to be exact),I pay no attention to Law and Econs class instead diverted most my attention for MATHS.I'm now the muddle-head of Econs and Law class.Especially,Law( I was questioned by Mr. Raj regarding my recent absent-minded performance in class) *sadness* .Gah!

Refreshing mode activated!From today onward,I shall stayback in library to finish off mountainous of assignments,homeworks and revisions that yet to be DONE(currently or long time ago). *.* Kepala dah bengung sial!And so as puzzling what to wear for the prom night?Suit or "casually formal"?




I did this lame so called "Japanese subculture" personality test and look what I've got, favourite fashion icon and style...GOTH PUNK ala Japanese Visual Rockstar alike.Hohohohohohahahaha!

You Are a Goth!

You're so gothically outrageous, and you aren't afraid to flaunt it.
Whether you dress up like Robert Smith or a tragic Little Bo Peep,
chances are that you'll be parading around with the rest of the goths at Yoyogi Park on Sunday.
Don't forget your white makeup and blue lipstick! Who knows?
You may just get picked up by one of the seedy photographers.
I was actually inspired by black metal,X-Japan,Glay,Miyavi,L'arc~en~ciel,Good Charlotte...gosh they are damn fucking cool man!Esp. with the vampire looking eyeliner and eye shadow!PERFECTION of GOTH PUNK spirit!
An ideal example of Punk ala Japanese Visual Rockstar

Significant part : Must equip with lotsa silverish accessories,piercing,tattoo and leather fetish.Hair must done with as many colours as possible.Glove is a must of cos!

Next up...

This will be the original Goth Punk style from the Europe counterpart.(Goth Punk is originated from UK and France if I'm not mistaken,right?)

Significant part : Red and black theme is the main combination of colours.May be able to enhance with some checker art from the Brit. counterpart too.However,make sure it has to be looked like a vampire.Black nail polish,rose,black/red eye shadow and eye liner mustn't be left out as well.SOmehow,they look simpler than the Japanese way,agree?

EEEEEEaaaawww,I can't wait to slim down as I already see some results from my massive dieting off late,my waist has reduced and flabby belly has becoming firmer and of cos it gotta be sunk in instead of bulging...yay!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Boisterous passion----the white label

Out of unknown reason...

I'm so into white colour stuff recently until I dun care much whether it attracts crazily stains or whatsoever...but this time I must unleash my hidden passion on this colourless colour!Or maybe bcos I'm sick of "colours" and throw all colours behind to seek for no "colour"(the purest element) until my urge for it subsides,maybe again I'll resort to "colours".Ok I noe it sounds anyway,

First of all,I'm addicted to this baby photo in white bunny cap...omg damn helluva cute man,hen ke ai~,kawaii desu,mooji mooji kue yo wo yo,sangat comel sial,hou dak yee,jin ko tsui,hao tek ngee!!!*-_-*...I guess this will be the common reaction for everyone that happens to see this exotic photo and of cos will shout out "cute" in their own native language.

Cute until wanna cheesed me off...:)

And then,

1st item :

Ok,some ppl may think this piece of rubber looks like shit but then once u try it on urself,it just perfectly ties in with ur foot palm and obviously the holes at the front part are made delibrately in order to ventilate the sealed space between ur foot and the rubber.So,highly recommended to those that bearing with the same footwear all day long,sweatless and most important of all,odourless as well!No more odd smell and stench when u r on dating,no more hassle on wondering where's the source of odour comes from in office space or classroom anymore,start a new life with ever parched and odourless feet NOW!It's damn comfy like u r stepping on ur own fleecy home-bed all the time!

Disclaimer : Mind you this is not an advertisement for Crocs' odd-looked sandal but just personal reflection.I didn't get any remuneration from Crocs also -_-.Anyway,I haven't buy mine yet.If u wish to buy one,u can find it in most of the mainstream shopping centre around Klang Valley and so on.Maybe u can get better bargain at Singapore cos afterall they are having this gigantic GREAT Singapore Sale.It's selling at around RM 120++ here in Sunway Pyramid's parkson and I saw one of the stores at the cinema's level in MidValley which mainly selling surfing and diving equipments is also selling a lot of Crocs sandal in assorted of colours like Pink,White,Sky Blue,Blue,Brown,Yellow,Black....(yea,it is specially designed for diving as well due to it's anti-slippery feature).However,it is also ideal for casual use and definitely match-along with ur attire as a fantastic fashion icon!

2nd item :

Photo courtesy of MOBILE-REVIEW

The coming Snowwhite of the SE Walkman phone's line up W850i !!! *jaw drops*.I fucking stunned by the angelic white body and the mounted "Walkman's" logo in sand gold colour.All I can say is heavenly match here!They are so Apple-ish and Adidas-Superstar-ish!To add on,it's a 3G phone as well with videocall feature and jampacked with other astounding feature but nevertheless it's adopting the basic function of the "W" series phone but with extra enhancements!So nice until can kill...and then it's SE 1st ever slide phone after wasting so much hassle and time on the R&D of their swivel counterpart(dun quite like swivel mechanism cos it just feels like the phone's gonna slant and slip out of hand whenever u halve the flipper,just not as smooth as sliding and flipping).Anyway,this lil' beauty is coming soon to Malaysia as according to SE official website *cross fingers*

PS:W900i is in my list too but if given a choice,preferably W850i as it's trendy,not bulky and SLIDER rather SWIVEL!!!Japanese phone is one step closer to outbloom my current favourite Korean phone.*thumbs up*LG Chocolate is out from my list cos the features given are almost da same as D500 despite the rather special thermal-sensored navigation keypad and external card slot.Furthermore,slim phone is not my cuppa tea also,too feminine!

But sadly,it's not the right time to replace my lil' "black label" Samsung D500(nope,it's not LG Chocolate,it's da 1st ever slider phone by Samsung) cos I have to fulfill my policy at first which is the "one-year policy" where for all the phone I'm using musn't be traded off within a year.My lil' blackie has only been used for not more than 10 months.Hence,time is the factor.One of the benefit derived is I can be able to wait for the price of W850i to depreciate further in future if I'm not in a hurry to buy any new hp(yea,in fact I'm quite satisfy with it's performance so far and no problem encounter with an exception that I lost the charging port's unattached protection cap).By the time I'll be switching from Blackie to Whitesy is probably next year...yes,there's plenty of time for W850i to depreciate in that gap.So better depreciate more I tell u!Buahahahaha...-_-


I'm so puzzle over what to wear during my once-in-life-time A-level Ball next month as I don't wish to wear those uncle-ish formal suit.But then,I have to do survey on what the other guys will be wearing as well in order not to be too prudish and prim (like "suagu" villager).The ideal "general" dress code I'm hoping for is not suit but a more casual attire with splendid and gorgeous outer jacket as enhancement but yet retain the formality.WHY NOT?It's not a worldwide format or what to be required to put on suit in order to attend prom party.As long as u dress in proper attire,it shouldn't be a big problem.So I was hoping to get either Esprit,Guess or CK jacket(must be with "artist" look one).As I'm having quite tight budget,I don't wish them to be overpricey like A/X,Versace,Burberry and so on luxurious brand.I know I can easily find one in local brand Padini,Seed,PDI and all sorts but then I don't wish to walk out to the street realising that what I bought is actually a universal garment!I especially hate it when what I wear has becoming a uniform to everyone!Sucks!So I just got to start looking for sponsorhip for my prom's ticket and relevant attire.

Anyone? *cross fingers*

With this I will look like angelical saviour.Somehow it looks better than in brown(like Mr. Bean) or Black/Grey(like uncle going for wedding banquet).I remember that R.Kelly and Usher used to wear this along with white chapeau which is totally in contrast to their personality!

Now please ignore the brand name,that they really impress me with the different kind of wearing style for a monotonous suit.Can consider anyway!*pinches chin*...what I mean rather than suit's jacket is like those wearing on Prada's---all the way to---Miu Miu's model.Military look is so fascinating!I especially like the last one from Alexander McQueen(suit + military cap).It can anytime steal over the limelight!The other one is yucky cos looks like old-skool scout :/

Now I also dunno how...*miserable look*

Actually I so wanna try out some non-stereotype style,u noe it's actually damn embarras de choix until I got tangled up:

1. Cosplay

2.Visual rocks



5.Scottish(with checker kilt)

6.Yukata or Samurai look

But then where to find those things here?The point is it's impossible what if having too much of choices but then only to realise that it's not in line with the practical trend afterall,bummer!In worst case scenario,u can anytime become an oddball through out the prom with extraordinary attire + instead gaining limelight but getting queer look in return.For me I'll think it's dinstint and bold but generally society here is helluva conservative and only judge a book by its cover.Excuse me but it's a fact that apparently we look as if we are very open minded but then inside us is sealed with barrier of entry.So fake.That's y Malaysians are all hypocrites.They'll know how to present themselves as the most perfect on surface...


I got tonnes of tutorials yet to be finished on weekend and so I have to stay over in hostel to complete them.As well as,I'll be having Maths forecast test on next Tuesday 2-slots' period.DAMN inauspicious day!Pure Maths is killing me hard...I'm doomed!Flying colour?My ass man...

Lastly,end this post with some whiteout PV snippet :


See,Ringo-chan loves white too!Japanese lurvvvve white!

Ok,that's the end of my white out for the black!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Good things come in row

I'm damn freaking frustrated now cos my Tuesday double slot law class has made to single slot and the particular slot are being pushed to Wednesday.With that,I conclude that my Wednesday class will be 6 hours in a row from 830 am to 230pm!FUCKING DAMN SHIT!Mrs Whore!No breakfast and lunch break...gotta eat in class???And then the arrangement is very peculiar :


Law and Maths are arranged side by side for each of the slot!Stupidity!

~~~cool down~~~

So I was taking my nap this afternoon while Susan called me and asked me to accompany she and Eunique to see rooms...1st we went Lagoonview but then too small and then Ridzuan but too shabby and spooky!He wants to stay within 1 km radius of distance from college and he doesn't wanna drive everday.So to no avail we went back hostel in disappointed mood and again plead to the management but of cos they couldn't help to bother much abt our request...ANYMORE!

After that,just went poolside to eat salad along wif them(3 of us are on diet) and immediately after,we went swimming again for an hour...

DAmn tiring also today!I still gotta complete my tort's assignment and Statistics 3 homework...


The fraudulent tactics of Sunway Monash Condo Hostel Management

See,there's more and more ppl studying Sunway Uni. College these days until the flood gate could not be closed from INDONESIA!There's a lot of rich Indon Chinese sending their children over here and particularly wanted them to accommodate in the limited occupancy Sy/Monash fact our hostel is predominated by around 50% of Indons already.And it's still increasing during every general intake.WHY ah?And then now the cruel hostel management is setting up new rules that

1) For all the Room 3(the balcony single room) from every unit has to be converted to a twin sharing room.WTF?I mean althought they're quite spacious for one person staying but they paid freaking RM 720 per month for that u know!!!None AC also need to pay RM 680.Now they said convert and those occupants got no rights to even appeal or plead for postponement,the worst thing is it's effective from end of this month which simply means they have only less than a month to find a nearest and ideal place to stay around Sunway and is it possible?Better yet,those landlords and agents around the college will seize the opportunity to raise their price to attract those highly desperate students that in need of a proper single room.Like Eunique,he got so many things in his room,home theatre,pc,dvd player,TV,extra desk,racks and so on...yet now they force him to fork out and shrunk out spaces for occupancy of a new roommate...diu!How unfair!And the ironic thing is that balcony that eats up spaces can;t even make up proper use...purely unpratical for its existence.Susan even worse,since hers is unit 5,thus,smaller and now she has to do the same way as the end both of them are moving out soon cos they don't wanna share afterall!And they are so panick and lost now and also desperate...stupid hostel management.Susan is the unlucky one cos she has been asked to shift last year due to privatisation of her unit and now she again being commanded by hostel management without giving her sufficient of notice time in advance...shift here and move there but at the end it's just a manipulation by the hostel management upon earning more money!Leech!Luckily I'm staying twin share at 1st place,and now look,A2 exam is only left few months away and came this matter...I don't think is easy to find a landlord that willing to rent out for a person who will only stay for 3-4 months...pundeks!I told them to bear with this few months but then judging on the amount of their belongings,I think it's better for them to stay in a spacious single room better at this moment in order not to shatter their preparation mood for A2.The thing I hate is,the hostel management staffs are vy nonchalant abt this issue and ive u tht kinda attitude of "if u're not satisfy wif our arrangement,u can jolly well move out,we have plenty of students waiting after ur place....."HELL!

2.Another new rule is regarding the tenure where all the existing hostelites that has been "bona fide" staying here for more than a year has to move out at the end of the year.Mahai...if I gotta continue at Monash or Sunway does that means I gotta stay else where or if not gotta wait to be shortlisted like the possibility is 0.000000001?We've all tasted their modus operandi b4!Fuck them...fuck Mr. Tan!One year is way to less,at least 2 years lah!It's vy unfair for A-Levels students cos our course is 1 and a half year and we have to leave after one year to find another place to nest for only half a year more.What's the point of it?Luckily,I'm not affected by both this communism rules.What to do,initially we all have to sign the tenancy agreement as to abide to all the rules and regulation set by those buggers(eventhough without prior notice)...fuck them and fuck curfew!

And so after we got to noe this shocking news,we tagged along Dashni cars to go find other houses for rent for both Eunique and Susan,plus helped them think of other solutions but to no avail at the end.Eunique is damn desperate and almost mentally breakdown(he called his mother in Penang to complant abt it),as for Susan she has to call back to Korea to complaint and keep on calling for friend's help...we called the privatised units' agent but they instructed them to try PJS 9,SS13,SS15 or Lagoon View...they couldn't even give an exact answer whether they have any vacancy of rooms on their hand.Useless bums!Ah,if they all moved out,my last sem. hostel life will be bored to the max. eversince my hsemates left I'm already quite sienz edi then now came this.SAD!

But still,me and Susan went for jogging on evening around Sunway and SS13 until damn tired.Next,we went swimming again with Vinodh and without Eunique cos he's still in depressing mood -_-...Swimming at nite was damn fun!Less people,windy and nice sceneries!That;s the only thing I luv abt hostel,the Olympic sized pool!

Ish!Just now that meal in SS15's McD almost ruined my massive diet plan for today luckily I rationed and controlled my consumption of fries...damn high calories man!Thx to stupid Dominic,must be him who suggested for McD,have been eating McD for past few days edi.YUCKS!I hate burger...but fries are so lovely and so as ice cream!!!!!

No more oily foods starting tomorrow,only healthy salad!Have to watch over my nutrition plan more carefully this time around in order not to allow any insignificant flaws to ruin my massive diet plan.I'm getting vy timorous over what I eat recently,how sad T^T

Just wanted to look SLIMMER only!Although I dun have much amour propre on this issue all the while but then I hope this can gradually become my modus vivendi!*ah!I love French and Latin all thx to law!*

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Shoulda Woulda Coulda

*sobz* I think I lost the ability to blog these's getting shorter for each every post!I used to write a lot(as in long winded,cheung hei lah!)but now just feel lazy for god's sake.

Anyway,I overnapped today until 7 sumthing,as my whole body is perpetually aching like shit and hardly able to stand straight.However,in order not to interrupt my massive diet plan.I immediately called up Susan only to realise that she still sleeping and she even forgot to wake me up at 6 as we supposed to.But fortunately,the weather was quite fine and not so sunny at 7.So we decided to drag ourselves out.While we at the field,it was fully occupied by soccer maniacs and basketballers,in order not to embarrass ourselves we chose to run around the whole Jalan Lagoon compound as we went out from college sidegate to spectrum then headed Pyramid where Susan went to MNG with her jogging suit and perspiration,then,Sunway Hotel,Sunway Office,Sunway Club,Palmville,Sunway Medical Centre and all they way back to hostel in a big round circle of the Sunway's commercial areas surrounding the Lagoon...ish!I think we walked more than jogged...(hey,mind you we dun just walked but we walked in faster pace which means heel-toe walking race k?!Better than none...)

So after that,I went back and immediately do sit ups for another few minutes then crazily dance for a while in order to stir up and enliven all my excessive fats.So basically I'm having additional aching point now which is my spinal,back,foot and neck due to the extreme sit ups...oh yea,damn stomach's muscle oso cramped like hell now!

We went out for dinner later with Vinodh as well,where initially thought of just going to the side gate but then I need ATM machine as stupid college's ATM is not even working properly all the walked to Jaafar instead and suddenly Vinodh had the urge to eat Bak Kut Teh -_- .Thus,we went Ming Tian which further ahead while dragging our painful body...and so I ate a lot I think...Loh Mai Gai,Dim SUms,Bak Kut Teh,Fried Chicken and 2 glasses of water...another failure to diet of the day.Damn!Tomoro must run extra few rounds...and damn we again walked back from the Sunway Hotel's way back to college which damn far cos we need some movement to burn our energy and fat after that overfulled meal.

Then we went back and sit beside the pool,chatted along for a while and then came back to's already 11 sumthing and my Maths still procrastinating while VInodh agan called up and asked us to go KL to chill up or clubbing,damn,if I go I'll be digging my own grave,of cos turned him down!But I want sisha better...when ah?

Procratination status : Law (tort's assignment)-0% done
Maths (P3 + S2 tutorials)-10% done

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Sports Day

I WENT JOGGING TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I've been apart from that for 5 years-_-(yes,the last time I ever jogged was 5 years back during lower sec. and what I did was mostly fast WALKING rather than fulfilled the term of JOGGING -_-) my knee is like jelly,weak and no strength edi!Fuck!Hips pain oso...gotta admit that I'm aging...!

I went down to the field to jog for 30 minutes along with Steph,Khim May,Susan and later Terence and Cheryl joined bones are torn apart then!

Then immediately after jogging without resting,I quickly rushed back to room and chane to swimsuit to go for the swimming session wif Susan,Eunique and Vinodh!Mahai...damn tiring~but yes I finally got the will and urge to exercise,it feels so great after perspiring!Time to shed off fat and cha-cha-cha!-_-

Then after that we just went to Pyramid for a vy lamest movie on earth called "Black Night"...fuck...after so long didn't watch movie,I really feel like watching some great movie like TAKE THE LEAD but then mahai came this stupid HK/Jap/Thai collaboration of lame horror movie which doesn't makes any sense! back please!

After that we were supposed to go SS15 for sisha but then thx to Vinodh macha that we really had to call it off earlier and blah back to hostel...

ONly I realise I got S2,P3 and Law tutorials yet to be finised by tomorrow that left procrastinated on my desk since afternoon!Mahai,have to burn midnite oil today(again T^T).....arghhhhh!!!

Let's meet the new vampire + panda me soon!(not forgetting the new slim me soon!)*wink*

Monday, July 03, 2006

Idolatrous gaga 2

Malaysian can really impress me so much so that I feel that we should start off producing more internationally reknowned artists.

Cos I was so triggered by the 8TV reality show "One In A Million"'s fantastic(I don't mean Paul Moss).Most of the contestants have impressed me in a way giving me a rush to grab my handphone and sacrifices few bucks to vote for them.

However,the finalists are as usual predominate by Malays(I don't mean to be racist) with an exception of having 3 odd Chinese female contestants which 2 out of the 3 are totally qualified to be a superstar(not ProjectSuperstar,the other 8TV's counterpart).I'll like to give odes to two of this contestant Ching and Suki.As their voice are really unique and distinct from the others(maybe their race plays a part too but that of cos has to be vy little to the reason).I really dun hav any idea why is that all the Malay contestants mostly resemble each others in the way they sing and their vocal manipulation.They're all seems like coming out from the same mold as I can hardly differentiate them if in blindfold.Yes,I admit that they have great vocal and power lung but what we need is something different and the PERSONALITY is what matter most!I realise that we don't need a second Mariah,Whitney,Celine,Kelly C...yada yada.We need a fresh blood that can be able to revolutionize our prefence.

Now,CHing has definitely got the distinction as her vocal is so powerful in a rock-ish way kinda screamo style despite annoyances.Although she seems to pick the wrong outfit during the competition.(she sang hard rock in an old vintage lolita suit,but I don't feel the same way as I think Japanese can do that way why can't she?Have they heard of visual rocks?Like Judy and Mary,Glay,L'arc~en~ciel,Luna Sea,Miyavi,X- Japan,Puffy...y not?tell me?Malaysian are so conservative and refuse to accept new element,sad!).So,just bcos of the faulty outfit,she lost to an average performance Malay girl which like I said totally lack of personality and disticntion where she's only that kind of Siti Nurhaliza,Misha Omar,you name it-'s Malay female artist standard which needless to prove cos u all sure have a clue(the rhyme is not intended)seriously I can't tell the difference of all the Malay female solo artist out there let alone the Malay contestants(weird...!).They seems like got trianed from the same master or inherited some kinda traits in common among their race(again not to be racist here!).Anyway,Ching is such a cheerful and lovely girl,I like her especially when she was announced to be the loser but she still put on vy natural smile in front of the camera that can really melts my heart...awwww...she can even play guitar well and sing along!What a talented girl...hope she can make her way back to the competition during next up "2nd chance" round.

As for Suki,she ranked the 1st upon national viewers voted and she got lotsa compliments from both judges but too bad she picked a "mah lao" as her opponent and kicked her out from the stage to a male contestant which noticeably performed like a monkey upon singing "This Love" by Maroon 5,I mean c'mon,that guy obviously faked everything out and his movements are so overacted and exaggerated in this sense but yet the "cheh meh" judges rules that he's vy active ,bright and energetic and the other word it fulfilled all the characteristics of a "MONYET"!Diu!Suki sang Avril's "Mobile" and she's helluva hot and having this sweet yet powerful vocal.She sang her heart out and so as ours.She impressed us with her great X factors and everything good about her!She's full of potential,ambition,confident and the scent of a star...hope that she and Ching can both make it to the next round during "2nd Chance's" round...!I'll sure support both of u in every way all along.

They are more well-qualified to be Malaysian Idol than Daniel and Jac...definitely!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

The end of a legend

Brazil lost to France

Which simply means,

they're not qualify for any of the semi final match...

It's a full stop for their way to the victory here in WC 2006!

Anyway I'm not a regular soccer fans though...doesn't really matter @.@

France,Argentina and Germany.....way to go !

It's so damn boring this few days especially when it comes to the fact that this is the last sem.We tend to work 1000 times harder than b4 cos the topics are getting relatively harder.In other word,less entertainment and lepak lepak this time around.Everybody have to buck up and sacrifice their extra time for books and tutorials.

There's no other way but to overcome the "phobia",who cares as there's only 4 months left ahead and AS result I fucking give damn cos afterall I'm not aiming for OxBridge,LSE,Harvard,MIT...yada yada!I need a decent University that's all,ranking is not the important issue!

My whole body is aching now probably due to the sleeping posture and idling in front of the TV watching WC without any stretching motions in 2 hours time...yea,an absolute couch potato I am!Plus lotsa lotsa junk foods along,I'm started to grow guiltiness.Supposed to start off my jogging plan yesterday here in CP as the weather seems so welcoming but then something hold me back that I should procrastinate to Monday,cos wateva u can do today can wait another few days.

Arghhh,see,I'm super lamey...pls call me Mr. Fat Pig next time in order to reduce my I deserve all's meant to's faith that i should accept without questioning...I'M BORN WITH IT!GAHHHHHHHH!-_-

Of the myth of holding the victory...

Yay England finally lost!They should've out long ago...I can't believe they can actually gone this far!

The result 0-0 (woot!those watched must got freake out...This is sacred.Beck got limp off cos of injury on ankle at around 52th minutes while Rooney got send off with red card 10 mins. rite after Beck got send off cos hrting Ricardo's groin(woot?!)and shoving Cristiano Ronaldo in front referee!...lame -_-

Around 100th minutes extra time Portuguese player Lennon scored a divine doal...but then it was concluded as of offside faulty.No score for them though...

Nevertheless,after this match England has officially out and can train harder for WC 2010...Beck cried for that I think!Lolx

Lampard and Gerrard is not the hero though...he couldn't even save Eng.!Cristiano Ronaldo is a bit "kuai lan" cos without his instigation and kakacaocao Rooney won't be gestured red card to leave the field!lol!Hope he will still get his friendship with fellow Man. Utd.'s teammates remained after against Eng....If me I will feel vy awkward and guilty!Though he shouldn't...

Oh yea Penalty time I didn't watch cos dun feel like...but then that's penalty kick that really Lampard and Gerrard coudn't score but instead a "sankalak" player got a goal -_-......Portugal outscored Eng. 2 goals...with overall 1:3...Portugal won!


Next match vy nice ah!

France vs Brazil but too late cannot watch 3 am -.- sleep is more important!!!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Get me holler!!!

Yay,Germany won!!!Argentina ok la but sometimes they're too complacent and fake(remember Beck. got send off by red card during world cup 1998 in France during the match against those Argentines...?But whatever,England sucks to max. this time around in WC 2006,hope they'll cease to go any further as soon as possible!).Damn,I wish I could join them yesterday in Sri Hartamas for the live should be fun with ppl cheering all over!Too bad,NO CAR!